Chris Morris

"I'm passionate about creating technology that changes lives"


Works @ Citrix as a Technical Program Manager
Attended Belmont University
Lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL
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About Me

Chris is passionate about solving problems with technology, process, and design thinking with a track record of success.

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Areas of Expertise

Solution Design and Development
Marketing Automation
Technology Enablement & Readiness
Project Management
Release Planning
System Adminstration

Share Worthy

Mulesoft Webinar
I presented on why an enterprise integration platform is the right approach for connecting Marketing Automation & CRM.

Citrix Aligns Sales & Marketing with Salesforce & MuleSoft

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Marketo Summit
I presented at Marketo Summit on how our Marketing Ops team @ Citrix built the Ultimate Marketing Machine.

A Story of Transformation: Building the Ultimate Marketing Machine

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A blog post written on our story of Marketing Automation transformation shared at Marketo Summit.

How Citrix and Microsoft Coped with Marketing Transformation

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Mulesoft Connect
I presented at Mulesoft Connect on how Citrix IT and Marketing collaborated to integrate marketing technoloigies to build a marketing ecosystem.

Citrix IT & Marketeting Collaborate to Create a Marketing Ecosystem

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